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Book Page Layout

Each individual page layout.

Dert's Children Book

Creating a wide range of inspired children's storybooks and classic paperback chapter books for kids and young adults and recently developed baby board books for infants and toddlers.

Spring 2021


Children Book Design


Indesign, Illlustrator, Procreate




DERT has launched a series of children's book products which include repackaged classic paperbacks and storybooks as well as unique pre-school books and learning tools. Every DERT book is designed through the perspective of emerging (student) designers. DERT markets these products as essential books for children and families to read and help in preparing kids for school and life.


My new board book designs will share basic graphic identity standards including the size of book, paper type, placement of logo on the spine, and the design of overview text on the back. All other design standards will be created by the designer. This will include typography and imagery visualizations of all pages. Books can not include special printing and binding techniques (like die cuts, fold outs or special surfaces) as each book will be printed by a digital press.


Final Product

Inspiration photo concepts


This book concept are for the little ones with a green thumb. If you love nature and playing outside, this book is a guide to learning about different flowers or how to start planting with the help of a fairy.

Book Concept

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