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Tik Tok Audience Reach

@thesandboxmeetup later wanted to expand to Tik Tok. I was in charge of setting up the page and editing the videos to post on their feed. I created content ideas and templates for them to follow so that they could record their videos. 


Within three days, @Thesandboxmeetup was able to reach 51 followers and over 500 views on each video.

Marketfly Internship

I work closely with the company @thesandboxmeetup to help maintain their social media image. I am responsible for maintaining the brand aesthetics which includes updating and maintaining the company's visual representation in all aspects of design (typography, composition, and color).

Graphic Design Intern | Oct ‘20 – Jan ‘21

Graphic Design Marketing Intern | Jan ’21 – Aug ‘21

My Role

Figma, Procreate, Social Media


@thesandboxmeetup was developed by Amelia and Carolyn Furlow. They are the authors of the children's book "The Sandbox". I worked closely with them to create new content that will help reach audiences. Children and adults of different races, culture, and talent. 


Idea + Concept

Made new design posts that helped to brighten the entire social media feed for my client. also Included more illustrations to help the audience to focus that it was a page for children's book lovers.


Followers started at 723 and now currently at 1,234

Main Goals

My client and I later partnered to create posts that will reach out to non-english speaking audiences. we started off with Spanish and Korean to see small development. 

Diversity + Representation

My client's desire for their branding was to show a family oriented account. Through social media, I created content based on their family and other families who will enjoy this picture book.


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